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Work with Me

1:1 Coaching

Do you need someone to walk alongside you as you build your brand? During our time together, I help you to define your target audience, tell a brand story that will attract your ideal audience, and create a strategy to use elements of your brand that will help you show up as your best self online. We kick off coaching with a strategy session to review your goals, define what success looks like, and prepare you to reach the next level in your business.

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Strategy Session

Are you ready to grow your business, but marketing has you going round in circles? This strategy session is meant to help you get to the core of your business, better define your goals, and build an easy to follow strategy that will help you cross the finish line. You'll walk away with a brand your audience loves and the tools you need to show up as your best-self online.

Pick My Brain

In this private session you can “pick my brain” on all things branding, social media, content marketing, or business operations/efficiency. To get the most out of this session come prepared with 1-3 questions you’d like to focus on. You will leave our time together with ideas and actionable steps on what to do next. This is perfect if you have a few specific questions or need a bit of overall guidance to get you moving in the right direction.

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Build a Money Making Brand Guide

Take control of your business today with this simple 3-step guide to building a brand that will help you:
*tell your story + give your brand a voice that stands out from the competition
* how to show up as your best self on social media
* how to reach your target audience

Grab your Money Making guide and jumpstart your business today!!

Branding for Entrepreneurs Made Easy

Are you lost when it comes to what you should be posting on social media? Is your business missing that "put together" feel? And the thought of figuring it out is overwhelming you? Then this one is for you. I created this workbook for the busy entrepreneur who needs a bit more guidance in building their brand. You get everything from my Money Making Brand Guide and more in-depth explanations and examples. Take the guess work out of building your brand today!!

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